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SANTA MONICA NEWS FLASH: Santa Monica Beach is such a wonderful place, yet so misunderstood.

We're sorry that many of our friends can't afford a trip to Santa Monica because of the high prices of the hotels.

We see so many visitors settle for a visit to Santa Monica Place or the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, then go home or stay elsewhere.

And why does everybody leave after a day at Santa Monica beach, pier, and the Santa Monica mall seemly unknowing about all the cafes, bars, and nightlife they could walk to had they gone to the better beach with more services and easier parking?

Why do they go home when there actually are inexpensive hotels a block away from the beach?

Here's big news: there's a secret part of Santa Monica that's still undiscovered by tourists. We know this because we live here. We see all the visitors in the crowded parts of Santa Monica and we don't see them here. We see the crowds at Santa Monica Place Mall and the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, but the shops here are quiet. The Santa Monica nightlife here bring locals to the bars and dance clubs, buy why none of the tourists? Why do we see vacancy signs at hotels right next to the beach?

It's beautiful, quiet, and less expensive just a block away from Santa Monica beach with bars, nightclubs, dancing, live entertainment, food trucks, events, and 45 outdoor patios. This is paradise is unknown to most people.

Have you ever been to Santa Monica Italian Restaurants? The same owner of an expensive Italian restaurant on Third Street Promenade runs a less expensive place here with an outdoor patio and food that's just as good. We've got other fine dining Italian Restaurants and Pizza everywhere. Just as good, but less busy, and it costs less.

Santa Monica is no longer a place to avoid because of the exorbitant cost to come here. You can stay at affordable Santa Monica hotels and spend less on Santa Monica Nightlife and bars once you know the secrets.

We've made it our mission to finally reveal all these Santa Monica Secrets to you. The Secret Santa Monica App for the iPhone or Android is free and gives all the secrets away. We walk by these places almost every day. We've collected all the information and we present it to you in the app. This app was not made by an app making conglomerate, we made it ourselves to help you have more fun in Santa Monica and to spend less money.

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